What are equilibras™?

equilibras™ were created out of need for a flat sole sandal that didn’t damage your feet and impair the alignment and posture of our bodies. With time we realised that our invention stretched far beyond this initial concept.

You see we aren’t designed to walk constantly on flat hard surfaces (such as bitumen and concrete or even flat wooden floors) and as our world becomes increasingly urbanised, this has been causing us major issues.

Scientists have discovered that our brain is “plastic” (it can change!) and runs on a “use it or lose it” principle. This means that when we use something a lot (eg. a limb or a skill) - the responsible brain areas grow nerve connections, therefore increase in size and performance and thus the opposite applies for areas we don’t use - they lose these connections and shrink.

So how does this relate to equilibras™?

Inherently we were meant to walk around on natural surfaces with varying textures, densities and gradients. This required a tremendous amount of brain work to keep us balanced on two feet!  Instead now we spend our days on flat, hard unchanging surfaces, making our brains lazy and consequently our balance and posture deteriorate rapidly.

If our feet aren’t functioning correctly in the manner they were designed, and therefore the way we want them to, then it’s going to have an impact on the way we function and perform on a daily basis. 

So doesn’t it make sense that our feet should be functioning at their best?

Here is where we come in…

Our patented design consists of a semi-hard orthotic, bottom layer and soft upper layer.

This means it effectively mimics natural surfaces, with every step over and over again… The surfaces our brain requires to develop and retain foot sensitivity and through it, maintain proper balance and posture, which contributes to good health.

We like to explain it through the neurorthotic™ principle - it provides essential foot support when walking around on flat, hard surfaces whilst stimulating our nervous system (brain) at the same time!