Oscar Williams – New Zealand representative surf and pool lifesaver

Oscar competes in both the ocean and the pool lifesaving and has succeeded in both to National levels.

In 2017 Oscar was selected the New Zealand Open Surf Lifesaving team to compete in the World Games in Poland for Pool Rescue and in the New Zealand Youth team to race at the International Surf Rescue Challenge at Mt Maunganui, New Zealand.    

“I like equilibras™e-flips™ because they’re something different and out of the box that you don’t really think about in terms of improving your health or performance and I’m stoked to be able to use them”.


The person who has inspired your sporting career?

Probably my teammates and coaches as well as my parents for their ongoing support and dedication

Your favourite sport/physical activity (s) other than your chosen representative sport?

Rugby, surfing or fishing

What you like to do as a past time when not playing your chosen sport?

Hang out with mates or go surfing if there’s a wave on

What do you do for a living or what are you studying?

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering at Auckland University

What are your sporting goals/life goals?

One of my big goals is to get my engineering degree completed and I’d love to one day race in a round of the Nutri-grain ironman series. My main focus at the moment is to be selected to race at the world championships this year for my club and country.

What made you chose your current sport/activity?

Probably my love for the ocean and surfing when I was little, and I was lucky to have a good mate who got me into it

What do you like doing for entertainment?

Watching movies or playing a bit of PlayStation here and there