Neural Research

Interestingly whilst the barefoot on hard surface and the standard soft sole elicited significant neurophysiological stress reactions, the equilibras™ samples did not

Q: I have heard that you have done some interesting research on the neural aspect of equilibras™?

A: Yes, in a double blind study we examined over 200 subjects for the neurophysiological stress reaction of the nervous system after walking for 10m on various surfaces including barefoot on a hard surface, on a standard flat-sole rubber flip-flop and on equilibras™ and compared the results to the reaction to non weight bearing. Interestingly whilst the barefoot on hard surface and the standard soft sole elicited significant neurophysiological stress reactions, the equilibras™ samples did not. More interestingly yet the equilibras™ performed even marginally better than the control group suggesting a neural stimulatory effect when exposed to this flat-sole concept!

Q: How do you explain these results?

A: Well, you have to understand how the nervous system works. Essentially, like our minds, the nervous system loves novelty, in other words uncertainty followed by certainty. Of course we recognise this as problem solving.

Q: How does this relate to the research results above?

A: Simply put, too much of the same creates boredom and therefore stress (> hard flat surfaces, hard orthotic devices). No certainty freaks the nervous system out causing stress (> soft sole standard flip-flop).

Q: And in the case of equilibras™?

A: I’m glad you asked, quiet simple really: the soft flat upper layer produces the initial uncertainty. The firm contoured under layer then provides certainty problem solved!! And this is exactly how the nervous system responds to this product; interestingly step after step in an ever-recurring cycle.