Melanie Tan – Elite Wakeboarder and Life Coach

At 32, Melanie left my successful corporate job and began on a journey of self-discovery which led her to Wakeboarding and living a TruAge Lifestyle - where Mind and Body Unite. She is a life coach. Her business is She works with a group of service providers to help individuals breakthrough from what holds them back from achieving more success through taking care of their Mind and Body.

She has climbed to the top of her chosen sport of wakeboarding. In 2015, she was selected to represent Singapore in the 28th Southeast Asian Games where over 4300 athletes from 11 countries gathered in Singapore to compete, an event that reached 3.3 million viewers in Singapore and millions more across Asia. She took part in the team event for Wakeboarding and brought home the Silver medal in spite of competing with girls half her age. She was 38. Two years later, in 2017, I was also selected to be in Team Singapore for the SEA Games where we again brought home a silver medal. It was her best performance ever. She also is an instructor in wakeboarding

What I found about about equilibras™ e-flips™

I had zero expectations as I did not know what or how the equilibras™e-flips™ are supposed to help. When I first started using the equilibras™ e-flips™, they felt heavier than the usual slippers (thongs) than I use. Then I noticed that the strain in my right hip was gone. I took off the slippers (thongs) and I could feel the strain again. That was interesting! I continued using the equilibras™ e-flips™ for some time then used my old slippers (thongs) again. What a huge difference I felt! It was not as comfortable and did not feel as supportive as equilibras™ e-flips™. I feel I stand better when using the equilibras™ e-flips™.


 A little more about Melanie

  1. Who is the person who has inspired your sporting career?

My brother

  1. What is your favourite sport/physical activity (s) other than your chosen representative sport?

        Surfing, Longboarding, Yoga

     3. What you like to do as a past time when not playing your chosen sport?

          Meditating, wakesurfing and writing

  1. What do you do for a living or what are you studying?

     Wakeboarding Instructor, Yoga teacher and Lifestyle Coach

  1. What are your sporting goals/life goals?

 In sports, I have already achieved my goals of being in Team Singapore and winning a medal . As a mature athlete, I would like to win a Masters category. In life, I would like to continue serving others in whichever capacity I can.

  1. What made you chose your current sport/activity?

When I left my corporate job, I went on a search for something I would love to do in my life. I had no ideas then but I knew I love the sea. So I went in search for a career with/by the sea. My brother was a wakeboarding instructor at that time and I thought I could do what he did. He said that I needed to learn to wakeboard first in order to teach it. I said ok and he trained me. I fell in love with wakeboarding and the rest is history.

  1. What do you like doing for entertainment?

          Dancing, watch movies, catching up with friends over a meal


For more about Melanie

(Face book, Instagram, Linkedin ): @mellyjaytee (for all)