Matt Davis - Surf life saver, world record holder and member of the Australian Pool Life Saving Team

In his home town of Bundaberg he has become a role model to the youth who are part of the Moore Park Surf Lifesaving Club.

“A HUGE 'THUMBS UP' to our very own Matt Davis. An inspiration to every nipper and club member at Moore Park”. (Moore Park Surf Lifesaving Facebook)

Matt who now trains with Currumbin SLSC on the Gold Coast became a world record holder in 2017 while competing for Australia at the German Cup in Europe. The Australian team member broke the record for the 100m rescue medley. He was also the individual athlete of the Cup with nine medals including five gold. His efforts in life saving over the past 5 years include 10 Australian representative teams, Number 1 rankings in 3 of the events His swimming speed was also rewarded when he made the semi-final for the 100m freestyle at the 2016 Olympic games swimming trials.

Why does Matt love his equilibras™ e-flips™?

“I like Equilibras because they give me the support I need pre and post racing and training through my feet. They are comfortable to wear and look great. They are a huge advantage in a sport where the small things or the 1% go a long way in achieving your goals”

More about Matt

Who is the person who has inspired your sporting career?

I was inspired in the early days by my brother and his passion and love for the ocean. since moving to the Gold Coast and training with some incredible athletes, I have recently been inspired by the likes of Cam McEvoy and his endeavours to pursue both his passions outside of his sport and also his goals in swimming.

 What is your favourite sport/physical activity (s) other than your chosen representative sport?

 I enjoy surfing and kicking the footy.

What you like to do as a past time when not playing your chosen sport?

I am very interested in film photography and cameras in general.

What do you do for a living or what are you studying?

I work with special needs students at a school as a teacher aide.

 What are your sporting goals/life goals?

Both my sporting and life goals are to enjoy every moment. live life to the fullest and make the most of every opportunity.

What made you chose your current sport/activity?

 I have always done surf life saving and the opportunity to travel the world and and race the world’s best is something that I love to do.

 What do you like doing for entertainment?

I like listening to records and also singing in our band.