Jacob Loughnan - Surf life saver and member of the Australian Youth Life Saving Team


Jacob competes in surf lifesaving but his expertise is in the area of pool rescue. He is currently a member of the Australian Youth Life Saving Team (AYLT). His long time training with the Open Life Saving Team members that has been catalyst that helped him achieve national honours. His time and effort has seen him move through the ranks in pool rescue scene and traditional surf life saving in the ocean, he is driven to reach all of his goals. One of his goals is representing Australia at the 2018 World Life Saving Championships in Adelaide.


 Jacob with dad Jacob with dad

With Jacob Graduating school in 2017 he has his sights on finding a job in the building industry, having been selected in the Australian youth team to travel to the New Zealand Pool Rescue Championships he has gotten much more enthusiastic about his sport and is putting countless hours into training every week. He goes running every day, gym 3 times a week, swims every morning and eats like a Australian Representative would. He said "I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for my parents" his parents have push him so hard in his sport and for that he is so thankful. 

When Jacob isn't training and working he likes to spend time with his friends going on adventures and seeing what the world has to offer. He said "The world is such a big place and it’s amazing what you can see even with a 30 minute drive in any direction"