Getting Started

What are equilibras™?

They are a revolutionary new concept in footwear; the only flat-sole registered by the TGA as a Class 1 medical device. We call it a NEURORTHOTIC device due to its neurological and orthotic properties.

Where does this concept come from and what makes it so important?

We like to explain it with the metaphor of the silent foot. The brain requires regular feedback to maintain and regulate our body. Here is where modern man runs into trouble especially in the case of the feet as we now live mostly on flat hard surfaces and in shoes. This sudden movement deficiency means that in terms of neurological stimulation (proprioception) and physical conditioning (orthotic) our feet have become very silent now.

What exactly do equilibras™ do that other products don’t?

Most current products are predominantly concerned with support and alignment of the foot. They neglect the important role that the nervous system plays in controlling movement and maintaining structure! They also ignore foot conditioning. equilibras™ through its unique design, addresses all these aspects, the orthotic as well as the neurological, thus we coined the term NEURORTHOTIC.

Who should use equilibras™?

Basically anyone who can use an open flip-flop shoe should consider equilibras™ or e-flips™ as we call them. They have a generic design meaning that provided the size fits, one sole fits all…no need for custom fitting according to foot shape or foot distortion.

When should equilibras™ be worn?

Provided conditions are safe for an open shoe they should be worn as often as possible. In fact they can be worn all day on hard surfaces due to "anti-fatigue" properties.

Are there any tips you can give a first time user of equilibras™?

Yes, as the equilibras™ sole is slightly heavier but more durable than most comparable products we have made the straps tighter fitting in order to avoid ‘toe grabbing’. Consequently some people will need to get used to them.