Digital Study

In this double blind study 83 subjects (4 testers) were tested with a digital dynamometer (microREM2) for their neuro-physiological stress response after walking 10 meters first barefoot, then in standard flat-sole flip flops and then the new orthotic flat-sole flip flops (equilibras™). Subject selection and testing sequence were random. A subject induced muscle test as well as subject ignorance regarding the testing reasoning insured double blind standards.

The aim was to record any weakened muscle response (inhibition) after a short walk and compare them to the control values obtained prior in a relaxed state. The muscle inhibition can then be interpreted as a neuro-physiological stress response, caused by foot alignment, foot stability and shock absorption problems.


Results clearly showed that equilibras™ elicited no measurable stress response. Remarkably there was a facilitated muscle output, signifying an enhanced neuro-physiological reaction of the body. In contrast, walking barefoot or walking on standard flat sole flip-flops on a hard surface did consistently cause a significant negative stress response irrespective of foot integrity. Shoe size and gender had no influence on the outcome of these tests. However younger and older people showed particular benefits from wearing equilibras™, as did larger, or heavier people. Most remarkably it didn’t seem to matter what foot postures people had. For instance a neutral foot posture benefitted as much as pronated feet or even supinated feet. This is an absolutely outstanding result for a generic product.

A second very similar study of 161 subjects (5 testers) was performed by simple manual muscle testing as opposed to digital dynamometer testing. It showed excellent correlation with the statistical analysis of the digital study.

We can therefore state with confidence that with the exception of unusual or extreme pathologies everybody in the general population can benefit from wearing equilibras™.

The benefits are two-fold:
• equilibras™ can help prevent problems in healthy feet.
• equilibras™ can help protect the body and relieve symptoms from existing foot problems.