Col Rawding - Former Australian Masters Hockey Player

I have been wearing equilibras™ for a number of years. I cannot wear any other casual flip-flop type footwear. When I first was introduced to them I was sceptical as I could not wear flat soled thongs because of “old age” body issues. I took them to my chiropractor and he tested me in them. He approved me wearing them based on the results he found. The rest is history. I love wearing them all the time in the summer months and definitely after participating in physical activity.


After beginning my hockey career at the age of 5 years I played for Valley’s Hockey club in Brisbane until the age of 16.

Decided I wanted a change and played Rugby League which only lasted 1 year as I was spear tackled and fractured C2/3 which left me paralysed for a brief period in hospital. Eventually I was on my feet again & recuperated for a year before thinking about venturing back into sport. I did not return to Rugby League.

At 19 I decided to play hockey again & joined Commercial Hockey club in Brisbane & after a year of catching up to the skills forgotten, I made the 1st. Grade team. We won the Premiership in 1977, 78 & 79 and I briefly made the Brisbane Colts only to discover that I was a month too old as they changed the date from September to December for eligibility in the year I turned 21. I also did Karate with the Zen do Kai style which complemented my hockey endeavours. I reached green belt until the training regimes required I make a decision on which sport I preferred. It was a tough decision.

At 25 I went to Sydney for work and continued to play hockey there, with North Sydney Hockey club in their 1st. Division team. Returning to Brisbane I joined Easts Hockey Club in 1982 & enjoyed the challenge of helping Easts attain their first ever 1st. Grade premiership in 1983 even more satisfying. I continued with Easts for a few more years and won more premierships in 1985.

 In 1997 I was living on the Gold Coast & after a break from hockey due to having a family to support, joined Burleigh Hockey Club and captain coached this team for the next 10 years. During this time I represented the Queensland Masters team on numerous occasions and was fortunate to make a couple of Australian teams in 2002, 2005 & 2008.

A Q and A with Col

1. The person who has inspired your sporting career?

Allan Border (Legendary Australian Cricket Captain)

2. your favourite sport/physical activity (s) other than your chosen representative sport?

Gym, golf, body surfing

3. what you like to do as a past time when not playing your chosen sport?

Going to the beach

4. what do you do for a living or what are you studying?

Operations Manager for ICT company

5. what are your sporting goals/life goals?

Give back to the sport that gave to me (Col is currently on the Gold Coast Hockey Management Committee)

6. what made you chose your current sport/activity?

Friends and family

7. what do you like doing for entertainment?

Live bands, movies, beach